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“Not every program is for every body” Here at Open Heart Recovery we believe in a client centric approach, Our clients come in many different varieties and levels of sobriety, as do our programs. No matter where you are on the path to sobriety we have locations and programs to accommodate all. From our outpatient services for busy but focused life styles to or fully immersive detox and supervised sober living facilities. Our Mission is to provide the best path to sobriety for each individual no matter what the case. Our house administrators have many years of combined experience and dedication to assisting your sobriety efforts. Each Residential Treatment facility and Program is designed to meet out clients needs. Our treatments are based in proven and effective modalities as well as number of key factor to ensure the best out come for each client. Feel free to brows our site and schedule a free consultation today!

  • Caring and Experienced Staff 100%
  • Activity based living 100%
  • Community & Family Support 100%
  • Goal Oriented Recovery 100%

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN OUR Dual Diagnosis Program at Open Heart Recovery we know that long-term sobriety requires that we help our clients develop proactive skills in several areas. In our program, we use the acronym S.O.B.E.R to help our clients and team maintain an organized focus on the skills that need to be gained in order to achieve dependable and repeatable coping skills to manage mental health symptoms so that these issues do not interfere with your desire to maintain long-term sobriety. The acronym SOBER refers to: Self-Talk Own your strengths, manage your weaknesses Behavioral Change Emotional Control Responsibility Self-Talk- refers to our goal to teach our clients the powerful control that we can have over our emotional state. Learning to monitor and change self-talk that is detrimental to our wellbeing is a core skill that we teach our clients. Happiness

Self-Talk– refers to our goal to teach our clients the powerful control that we can have over our emotional state. Learning to monitor and change self-talk that is detrimental to our well being is a core skill that we teach our clients. Happiness isn’t based so much on what actually happens to us, but what we tell ourselves about what happens to us. Our thoughts are powerful and the one thing over which we have total control. Our thoughts regulate our emotions, alter our judgment, and create our perspective. Thoughts are powerful and individuals who are not in control of their thoughts are not in control of their emotions or their lives. In our program, you will learn this valuable skill.

Own your strengths, manage your weaknesses means learning to get to know yourself, your tendencies, your strengths and your challenges. Understanding and knowing this “essential self” helps you understand how to leverage your strengths to maximize the possibility of sobriety. We utilize insights from individual therapy, group therapy and at times, psychological testing to help every client gain a greater understanding of themselves and to tailor psychological treatment so that you learn that you are not “less than”. You have strengths and weaknesses like every other human being on the face of the earth. We don’t try to change the essential person that you are. We want to help you get to know yourself better and how to embrace and utilize your strengths and learn to avoid or minimize the impact of those situations when you are out of your comfort zone.

Behavioral Change are the life skills that must be developed to increase the likelihood that you maintain long term sobriety. Most people in addiction have lost touch with basic activities of daily living that are healthy, they have reduced contact with members of their family that could be supportive and reduced contact with sober friends/ Things such as sports, hobbies, and other activities that were once enjoyed have often been set aside as well. It’s hard to stop using drugs, it’s even harder if you do not develop a plan to do something else. A focus on behaviors, and strategic development/modification of specific behaviors help recovering individuals make changes that will increase the chance that the sobriety gained in this program can be maintained. Our life-skills component of our program is critical to making the behavioral changes that will make your path to maintain sobriety more likely to succeed.

Emotional Control– refers to our goal to teach our clients the ability to understand how our emotions impact us and that in fact, at times, how our emotions provide us with inaccurate information. The truth is that emotions often lie to us and lead many down a dark path of drug/alcohol use to manage these painful emotions. In this program, we teach clients to rely on rational thought over irrational emotional thoughts. This is complicated by the fact that emotions can be a function of unstable chemical imbalances within certain individuals, or a residual of drug abuse. At Open Hearts Recovery, we understand mental illness and support clients who rely on psychotropic medication to remain stable. Moreover, through the use of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Dialectic Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness Training, Stress Management, Nutrition, Yoga and other Exercise Therapies, we address the issue of emotional instability and teach our clients the skills that they need to gain the emotional stability required to maximize the possibility of long-term sobriety.

Responsibility refers to each client owning their own history and their own sobriety. It is a sad fact that life is not fair and bad things happen to good people, but each client must admit that they are where they are due to their own choices and their sobriety is entirely contingent upon their future choices and behaviors. This is why we encourage individual responsibility which means focusing on ourselves as the solution because when it comes down to it, we have no control over anyone except ourselves and no one cares more about your own problems than you do. Open Heart Recovery’s Dual Diagnosis Program is rooted in the latest research which dictates the standards of care that suggests that CBT and DBT skills are the most effective in helping recovering individuals manage their Mental Health Symptoms.

Moreover, Open Heart Recovery goes beyond what is typical in most treatment centers. At Open Heart Recovery you will be evaluated by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, receive psychological testing to gain a better understanding of how we can help you and individualize your treatment. You will receive individual therapy 2-3 times per week, and attend not only recovery groups, but psychotherapy groups to further your ability to manage all issues that could put long term sobriety in danger. Family therapy is also available to encourage healing and/or integration back into a more supportive environment. Our Life-Skills groups and sessions with our life-skills expert will further add to your skill set so that when you walk out our doors you have all that you need to succeed.

You will be taught important skills you work your way through our program and develop the critical skills you will need to maintain long term sobriety. It is our aim that when you graduate from our program these goals have been met and the information internalized within you so that you can coach yourself through the times in life when temptation and relapse danger knock at your door. We want to do everything in our power to make sure that the sobriety you earn in this program is long-term. We do a thorough evaluation of each clients life and develop a life plan that begins with small details such as making sure every client is able to have the proper legal documents they need to find employment as well as career and educational coaching. We also make sure that every client does a thorough assessment of hobbies, sports, spiritual and social options that they will develop in order to build a full and meaningful life. It is hard to stop doing something, especially an addictive behavior. Starting to do new things instead, is much easier and a critical addition to every clients life as they seek to beat addiction.


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